Setting method of working platform for bridge maintenance

- Dec 18, 2018-

In order to ensure the safety of bridge equipment operation, the bridge needs to be regularly viewed during operation, and the problems should be repaired in time. However, there are many high-altitude operations planned during bridge maintenance. Therefore, it is necessary to select a simple and safely used working platform for the operator to use. Very important.

Nowadays, the bridge inspection equipment is widely used. The channel is highly mechanized and its power is high, but its cost is relatively expensive. The bridge inspection equipment is large in size and is not suitable for urban bridges with wide sidewalks. To this end, a working platform with a small size, low cost, wide application, and can be used to the urban bridge maintenance operations with wide sidewalks has been specially designed.

The working platform comprises a guardrail on the beam body, a base and a roller fixed on the base, the working platform comprises a platform body and a main beam, the crane is fixed on the base, and the hanging rope of the crane is connected to the main beam The main beam is further provided with a fixing structure for locking the guard rail. The fixing structure comprises an engaging portion and a locking portion hinged on the connecting portion, and the engaging portion and the locking portion form an engaging groove having the same diameter as the guard rail.

In this way, when the operator needs to overhaul the bridge, it can enter the working platform from the main beam, the crane will put down the platform, and then fix the main beam on the guardrail of the beam through the fixed structure to maintain the stability of the whole platform. Sexuality, facilitating the operator to overhaul the bridge, and after the operator leaves the platform, he can open the fixed equipment and propel the base to travel along the inspection direction. The volume of the bridge maintenance simple platform  is smaller than that of the bridge inspection equipment. Its cost and application price are lower, and the base can be placed on the sidewalk, so it can be used to the needs of urban bridge maintenance operations with wide sidewalks.