Selection requirements for high-rise building window cleaning machines

- Sep 13, 2019-

The window cleaning machine is a permanent equipment for the cleaning and maintenance of the facade of the high-rise building and the lighting roof. Different types of window cleaning machines should be designed according to the height of the building, the fa├žade and the structure of the roof, the load and the useful space for the equipment to walk. That is to consider safety, economy, and practicality, but also to consider that the installed window cleaning machine can coordinate with the building and does not affect the aesthetics of the building. Therefore, the selection of window cleaning machines is closely related to architectural design and construction.

According to the standard of window cleaning machine, the window cleaning machine can be divided into: roof rail type (referred to as rail type), wheel load type, monorail type (referred to as hanging type), pulley type and davit type, slide type.