Selection of Suspended Platform manufacturers and matching of their components

- Nov 13, 2018-

When selecting a floating platform, it is necessary to select a qualified and reputable platform manufacturer; after determining the manufacturer, according to the construction site situation, prepare a special safety technical plan to determine the type of the floating platform; whether the appearance of the equipment is deformed when entering the field Check whether the rust, the safety device is complete, whether the electrical control system is aging, whether the wire rope is not bent and rusted, whether the weight is damaged, or whether the manual lowering handle of the hoist is missing. The relevant personnel can be organized to check and accept the suspended platform, and can be installed and used after passing the test.


As the suspension mechanism of the Suspended Platform, the connecting bolts are not loosened, the front brackets are vertical and the supporting position meets the requirements, and the bearing capacity of the structure is calculated. The tensioning force of the steel rope is tightened before the suspension beam has a certain upward angle, and the front beam is lifted. The extension length meets the design requirements of the manual.


Matching weights and wire ropes in the Suspended Platform, firstly, the number of weights meets the requirements of the specification, there is no missing, damaged and anti-migration measures, and the number of weights is appropriately increased when necessary; and the wire rope is required to be no less than 6mm, and should also conform to the specific model. According to the instructions, there is a chicken heart ring at the fixed position of the wire rope. The rope card has not less than four, and there is a safety bend. The weight of the wire rope should be vertically tightened 15cm from the ground.