Safety measures for window cleaning gondola in case of emergency

- Apr 02, 2019-

When the window cleaning gondola is powered off, first turn off the power to prevent accidents; if the platform is lowered back to the ground, carefully release the two electromagnetic brakes at the same time, so that the platform slowly descends to the ground. If the window cleaning basket is broken when working, first of all, keep a clear and calm mind, and when it is safe, evacuate the staff, send the relevant personnel into the basket, and string the wire rope sent from the above into the riser without unlocking. In the case of the rise, to see if it can work normally, then carefully release the safety lock, then unlock the lock to the ground, and strictly check before allowing reuse.


At the end of each day's work, clean the wire rope and suspension mechanism of the window cleaning basket, clean all kinds of garbage, paint and surface adhesion mortar impurities, and the excess wire rope on the ground should be placed. After the window cleaning basket is deactivated, all kinds of ropes and cable reels should be well-disassembled, the disassembled components should be put together, the connecting parts should be concentrated, and stored properly.


The gearbox and transmission of the window cleaning basket must be replaced with lubricant after the first use for three months. The lubricant should be added once a month, and the lubricant should be changed every six months to ensure that the window cleaning basket is kept in a good condition. Working status to meet practical application