Safety factor of lever suspension in window cleaning suspension platform

- Mar 31, 2019-

The lever suspension mechanism in the window cleaning suspension platform is similar to the lever. The rear counterweight balances the workload of the suspension section. Each window cleaning suspension platform uses two sets of suspension mechanisms. During installation, the required extension length of the front and rear beams can be adjusted according to the structure of the building. The extension distance of the rear beam should be adjusted to the maximum. The extension length of the front beam is usually not more than 1.3 meters. The length of the current beam is more than 1.5 meters. When the length of the wire rope exceeds 120m, the working load or the weight should be reduced accordingly to ensure that the value of the anti-overturning safety factor is greater than or equal to 2.


The safety factor of all load-bearing components of the window cleaning suspension platform suspension mechanism is clearly defined in the current standard: when the load-bearing structural member is a plastic material, the safety factor shall not be less than 2 according to the yield point of the material; For plastic materials, the safety factor shall not be less than 5 according to the strength limit of the material.


The use of the window cleaning suspension platform is economical and convenient than the bottom-up external scaffolding. It is not easy to cause the quality problems caused by the scaffolding affecting the plastering and the rushing construction of the paint during the disassembly. At the same time, it is convenient for quality management and progress control. Every work surface and every process are exposed and easy to view.


The window cleaning suspension platform can reduce the coordination work affecting the construction power; it can be carried out together with the ground engineering to speed up the overall construction progress; it can display the engineering image and construction image well; it will not affect the normal life and work of