Safety construction requirements for bridge platform

- Sep 25, 2018-

The suspending platform for the bridge belongs to the general category of the suspending platform, but it is the same as the general construction suspending platform. For the weights in the suspending platform, the quantity must be satisfactory, and the fixing should be It is strictly forbidden to move without permission; the inspection of the safety lock before installation must be carried out, and it can only be used in the platform if it is qualified.


Regarding the diameter, spacing and direction of the wire rope of the bridge suspending platform, these can be found in the instruction manual of the platform, so it is necessary to strictly follow the requirements to avoid unnecessary problems or troubles. The installation of the bridge platform must be carried out in accordance with the instructions in its operating instructions.


In addition, on the safety rope, its strength and materials used should comply with the relevant specifications. For some corners on the basket, some protective measures should be taken to ensure safety. For the workers, it is necessary to wear labor protection products to ensure the safety of themselves and their operations.