Roof rail window cleaner

- Mar 26, 2019-

1 For the cleaning and maintenance of the curtain wall of high-rise buildings, it belongs to the technical field of high-altitude construction equipment. The utility model comprises a passive running mechanism and an active running mechanism connected to both sides of the lower end of the worktable, and the upper end of the working platform is connected to the rotary table through a lower slewing support mechanism, and the hoisting machine and the column are arranged on the rotary table. The upper end of the winch is provided with a hydraulic cylinder and a hydraulic station connected to the hydraulic cylinder. The upper end of the column is hinged to the cross arm, and the front end of the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder is hinged to the middle of the cross arm. The upper end of the cross arm is hinged to the upper arm, and the upper end of the upper arm is connected to the hanger by the upper slewing support mechanism. The utility model has the advantages of light weight, compactness and reasonable structure; convenient transportation and installation and maintenance, occupying a small space; capable of shuttled in a special passage with limited space of the floor structure, and complete cleaning, installation and maintenance work of the glass curtain wall, operation, assembly and disassembly Easy to maintain.

2 With the advent of high-rise buildings, the problem of cleaning and maintaining the outer wall surface or the outer surface of the glass curtain wall is in front of people. The traditional solution is that the first is to build scaffolding, which is too expensive; the second is to use the rope to suspend the operator, which is extremely dangerous. The window cleaning machine came into being. The window cleaning machine is a kind of construction-specific machinery developed on the basis of lifting machinery. It is literally understood to be a machine for cleaning windows; but from the perspective of practical use, it is a basket with lifting and lifting mechanism, which is suitable for cleaning, maintenance and emergency in emergency situations. Manned machinery. The general category of window cleaning machine includes horizontal rail type, wall rail type, wheel load type, plunger type, suspension rail type and slide type. This design is a horizontal rail type window cleaning machine. The main structure of the window cleaning machine includes a trolley traveling mechanism, a trolley, a boom swinging mechanism, a crane lifting mechanism, a gondolas rotating mechanism, an assist winding mechanism, a hull, and an overload protection device. , anti-collision protection device, travel limit protection device. The whole machine is designed by four members of the group. I am responsible for the design of the base and the walking parts, including the driving wheel set, the pallet part, the base, the rotating boom, the driven wheel set, the balance arm pulley set and the rotary reduction gear box.