Roof rail type window cleaning machine installation and time required

- Sep 05, 2018-

The roof rail type window cleaning machine is simple to install, easy to operate, and has professional installation, so the probability of use is relatively high. The hoist motor of the roof rail type window cleaning machine adopts advanced plane brake motor, with advanced technical performance, small volume, large braking torque, fast and reliable braking. There is a manual release device in case of power failure, and the operation is simple and reliable.


The safety lock of the roof rail type window cleaning machine has high reliability. When the hoisting rope is broken or the basket is tilted within 8°, the safety lock can be sensitive and reliable. Its electric control box has protection measures such as phase loss, leakage, automatic limit, emergency braking; the box and main parts are made of high quality materials and are specially heat treated, so they have small size, light weight and long service life. Features.


The stability of the roof rail type window cleaner bracket can be divided into two types. The earlier type relies on the friction between the wire rope and the bracket to maintain a stable state; the second type is a stable state that is maintained without relying on friction. These two steady states are explained by the stability of the applicable object on the slope and the stability of the object on the concave arc surface.


If there is no friction on the inclined surface, the object will slide down from the inclined surface, and the latter object will tend to the lowest point of the concave arc surface regardless of the initial state. In order to ensure the safety of the construction basket, the installation must ensure the second type. stable state.