roof rail fixed JIB BMU

- Feb 12, 2020-


1. The track is arranged along the roof of the building, and the equipment can walk freely along the track to complete the operations of different elevations.

2. It has the characteristics of stable walking, accurate positioning, convenient use and high degree of automation.

Use range:

It is widely used in buildings where the roof layout is relatively regular, and the roof has a certain space passage in the same room.

Configuration introduction:

 The entire system of window cleaners is in accordance with the national standard GB19154-2003 for window cleaners, and it is designed, manufactured and installed based on the British BS6037 standard for window cleaners.

The main transmission equipment of the fixed arm window cleaner series adopts the German SEW brand, and the electric control system configured is international products such as Schneider and Siemens. The steel wire rope uses galvanized steel wire rope for window cleaners with control signal lines. Hot-dip galvanizing process, the surface of the equipment is fluorocarbon sprayed. In addition, according to the customer's choice, three anti-corrosion paints can be added to the military process. The appearance of the equipment can be made according to the customer's requirements.

Safety performance:

Main features of the system: The entire system is controlled by PLC with high degree of automation. The PLC output module can display the operating status of the window cleaner and the detailed information of the failure point in real time. It is also equipped with an alarm system, which facilitates operators to grasp the equipment operation and accurate investigation in time. 3. Remove the fault. The equipment is equipped with comprehensive safety protection measures (including overload devices, overspeed devices, emergency stop devices, façade collision protection systems, working basket high and low limit safety devices, trip end limit safety devices, power-down manual lowering mechanisms and independent Security systems, etc.).