Roof fixed window cleaning system

- Jan 20, 2019-

When it comes to the cleaning and maintenance of the roof-mounted window cleaner system, it is necessary to be able to clean the outer surface of the curtain wall around the building, and the inner surface of the curtain wall of the inner curtain wall; our window cleaning system can clean its lighting. The top interior surface and its support structure surface are qualified.


Regarding the deepening design requirements of the roof fixed window cleaning system, all the motors and speed machines should be the products of famous brands. The design of the window cleaning machine must be based on relevant professional technical requirements. Design.


When designing the roof fixed window cleaning system, we should pay attention to it. It should be more advanced on the equipment, and the system structure is more reasonable, and the safety protection device is compared. Complete, to ensure its high reliability, operability is strong, in addition, its maintenance and its maintenance scope must also ensure that its design is not flawed.


In addition, we must pay attention to reduce the storage volume of the window cleaning machine as much as possible. In this case, it will not affect the aesthetics of the whole building; in terms of its layout, it should be directly efficient and practical. Good sex, and there is a principle that its cost performance is the best. In terms of the height of its work, it is actually a functional requirement of the project