Roof fixed window cleaning machine design and manufacturing standards

- Dec 14, 2018-

The gondola  of the roof fixed window cleaner adopts a unique 4-cable independent hoisting design. There are two independent working steel cables on each side of the gondola. The surface of the drum is engraved with rope grooves and hot-dip galvanized. Mounted on the automatic rope arranging mechanism ensures that the cable is wound flat on the drum.

The hoisting motor of the roof fixed window cleaning machine is an imported special brake motor. When the motor is powered off, it can automatically brake. When the brake of the lifting motor fails, the brake of the backup brake mechanism will be directly made. Move at the end of the reel to prevent the gondola from falling faster.

When the working power of the roof fixed window cleaning machine is interrupted, the brake block of the hoisting motor can be released by the handle to quickly lower the gondola to the safety layer, so that the operator can escape the danger; the transmission system is configured properly, the safety and reliability are high, and the window cleaning machine is easy to clean. Maintenance.