Roof fixed window cleaner operating system requirements

- Oct 24, 2018-

The roof-mounted window cleaner platform can be lifted to an appropriate height, including the roof to perform the maintenance of the building curtain wall and windows as required. The condition to be achieved is that the platform can run vertically and smoothly without lateral displacement and rotation; the platform can be safely suspended at any maintenance height. The platform should also be able to move back and forth to be close to the facade of the building and ensure safe access to the roofing parapet wall.


At the same time, the roof fixed window cleaner has a rotating function, because the integral crane type boom with balance weight is installed on the turntable of the roof car and is rotated by the motor drive. The rotation angle is ≥±180°, ensuring The platform can reach all working positions and reasonable parking positions.


In addition, the roof-mounted window cleaning machine can walk on the rails or directly on the roof layer, so that the platform reaches any maintenance position on the outer wall of the building; in the design stage, the contractor should pay attention to the limited space on the roof and should avoid it. Roof obstacles and facilities.


It has been found that the lifting speed of the roof fixed window cleaner should be between 8 m/min and 10 m/min; the linear speed of the platform should be between 5 m/min and 8 m/min when rotating; the walking speed of the roof car should be 5 m / min to 8 m / min.