Roof fixed window cleaner machine

- Mar 31, 2019-

With the rapid development of the social economy, more and more high-rise buildings stand in major cities. The cleaning of high-rise building glass curtain walls is a cumbersome and dangerous task. Traditional manual cleaning methods are not only expensive, but also have low cleaning efficiency and are very dangerous to operate. With the development and innovation of mechanical technology, it has brought a new idea to the cleaning of high-rise building glass curtain wall. The window cleaning machine came into being in this great atmosphere, which solved the major problem of cleaning the curtain wall of high-rise buildings. The fixed window cleaner is the most common window cleaning machine on the market. The column is an important part of the fixed window cleaning machine. Because of its complicated structure, the general material mechanics method can only obtain the stress on a specific section, and can not comprehensively analyze the overall deformation and stress. According to the working principle of the fixed window cleaning machine, based on the principle of space mechanism force analysis, the explicit expression of the force change of the column with the working condition is derived, the most unfavorable working condition, and the finite element is applied to the column under this working condition. Analysis, the results of the overall deformation and stress distribution, to provide a scientific basis for the design and transformation of the window cleaning machine. This paper first systematically expounds the structural design method of the fixed window cleaning machine, and presents various parts of the window cleaning machine, such as the column part, the cross arm part and the dovetail part, in detail. The various parts of the fixed window cleaning machine can not only meet the requirements of production conditions, but also meet the national standards. Secondly, the solid model of the fixed window cleaner is established in the 3D design software Solidworks2008. Then, ANSYS finite element analysis software was used to check the strength and stiffness of the important part of the fixed window cleaner. And carry out structural static analysis to avoid accidents caused by dumping and bending when working on high buildings, so as to better protect