Roller design and installation requirements

- Dec 01, 2018-

The roller is also an important window cleaning machine accessory, so this part should be paid attention to whether it is designed or installed. The roller of the window cleaning machine requires reliable installation and flexible rotation. The drum reel should be designed as a multi-layer coil and should be equipped with a pressure roller or other similar device that presses the rope onto the roller to prevent the rope from coming off the reel.


If a multi-wound roller is used as the window cleaning machine accessory, the height of the two sides of the roller should exceed the outermost steel cord when the gondola at the highest position, and its height should not be less than 2.5 times the diameter of the rope. The fixing device of the wire rope should be safe and reliable, and easy to check. When the ship is at the lowest position, the number of safety ropes on the drum should not be less than 3 turns. Under the condition of retaining 3 turns, it should be able to withstand 1.25 times the wire rope. pull.


For safety reasons, it is necessary to set the anti-loose device of the wire rope. When the wire rope is slack, chaotic, or broken, the reel should stop rotating immediately. The wire rope shall be arranged neatly on the roller. When the wire rope is wound into or around the roller, the angle of the spiral groove is not more than 4° from the vertical plane of the reel axis; the reel or multi-layer winding reel is not Should be greater than 2 °, if greater than 2 ° should be set up the rope