Requirements for window cleaners

- Feb 14, 2020-

General requirements for window cleaners:

I. Normal working environment

(1) Ambient temperature: -20 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃.

(2) The relative humidity of the environment is not more than 90% (25 ° C).

(3) The power supply voltage deviates by 5% from the rated value.

(4) The gust wind speed at the working place is not more than 8.3m / s (equivalent to the 5th grade wind).

Second, the design load of the window cleaner includes the machine's own weight, rated load and wind load.

 Requirements related to architectural design

(1) The building shall be able to withstand the weight of the window cleaner and its accessories, and shall be approved by the registered principal architect.

(2) The building should be designed and constructed to facilitate the safe installation and use of window cleaners.

(3) The diameter of the embedded bolts used for installing the window cleaner should not be less than 16mm.

(4) In order to ensure the normal operation of the gondola on the surface of the building, when the operating height exceeds 30m, a fixed guide device (except for the equipment) should be provided.

(5) A power socket for window cleaners shall be provided at an appropriate position in the building. The socket should be rain-proof, safe and reliable. Emergency situations can easily cut off the power.

(6) There should be sufficient connection strength between the window cleaner and the building, and the load on the building should not exceed the allowable value of the building's force.

4. The working speed of each mechanism of the window cleaner should meet the following requirements, and the error should not be greater than plus or minus five percent of the design value.

(1) Lifting speed is not more than 20m / min.

(2) The walking speed is not more than 15m / min.

(3) Luffing speed is not more than 20m / min.

(4) Slewing speed is not more than 15m / min.

V. When the window cleaner is working under the rated load, the noise near the operator's ear should not be more than 85dB (A), and the noise outside the machine is not more than 80dB (A).

6. The reliability test of the window cleaner is evaluated according to the working cycle of the whole machine 3000 times. The working cycle consists of the lifting of the gondola, the boom luffing, the turning, and the trolley walking.

7. The gondola of the window cleaner shall be provided with fixed safety guardrails around it, and the guardrails shall be provided with web bars. The height of the guardrail on the side of the building should not be lower than 0.8m, and other parts should not be lower than 1.1m. The guardrail should be able to withstand a horizontal concentrated load of 1000N. A baffle with a height of not less than 150mm should be provided around the lower part of the guardrail, and the gap between the baffle and the bottom plate should not be greater than 5mm.