Provisions for safety ropes and safety locks of window cleaner accessories

- Sep 04, 2018-

Many parts of the window cleaning machine accessories. For us, the safety ropes, safety locks, etc. are familiar. Generally , one of the safety accessories of the window cleaning machine is pre-mounted, and it must be separated from the wire rope, and cannot be hung together. In addition, it is required to be deformed under static load and to be damaged.


As a part of the window cleaning machine, the safety rope rubs against the building, or the part that may be scratched by a sharp object, some protective measures should be taken, such as adding rubber skin, cushion, etc., to avoid this. The problem arises. When the safety rope needs to be used, it is necessary to check before use, and it must be fully carried out. After the safety rope has been used for a certain period of time, a static load test is required to check whether the performance is up to standard.


Before each operation, check the safety lock of the window cleaning machine accessories according to the requirements of the manual. The distance of the actual locking rope of the safety lock is in accordance with the standard locking rope distance. The electric lifting platform is lifted horizontally 1 meter away from the ground, and a lifting machine is closed. , Operate another hoist down until the safety lock locks the rope. Then measure whether the height difference between the two ends of the bottom of the platform meets the standard lock rope distance, and the inspection method of the left and right safety locks is symmetrical, and the operation can be started without exceeding the range of the standard lock rope distance.