Preparation for the installation of the front gondola of the basket accessory

- Dec 03, 2018-

The adjustment range of the front bracket in the gondola accessories is 200-1800mm; the maximum distance between the bottom of the overhanging beam and the ground is 1200mm, and the maximum distance between the supports is 4600mm; the height adjustment, freely retractable wall can be applied to the parapet wall and complex roof of different heights. It can be designed and manufactured according to various special working conditions.


After the front bracket of the gondola accessories is transported to the installation site, it needs to be transported to the top floor of the building. The height of the front bracket should be set according to the height of the construction on site, and the sleepers should be placed. Fix the parts of the front bracket with the screws and the gondola After the front bracket is installed, it must be inspected by professional personnel to ensure that the front bracket is installed correctly and safely and securely before the construction work.


When installing the front bracket of the gondola accessory, first dispatch and arrange according to the number of the front bracket of the gondola. The scheduling should be decided according to the actual situation; improve the installation speed of the front bracket, the faster the installation speed, the worker will The work intensity of the rack to be transported to the building is smaller, and it can be used with equipment such as elevators during transportation.


In the beam surface where the front bracket is used, there is no need to pre-embed parts, only basic flattening conditions are required, and after the finished product is finished, the wooden board is used for reinforcement protection. During the work, the gondola is driven by two wire ropes in the hoist at both ends to the boom of the two brackets, that is, the force point of the gondola. Since two people work at one end, the eccentric load will be caused, and the wire rope should be absolutely