Precautions for hanging baskets

- Jul 23, 2018-

1, the installation of the ground should choose water level, when there is a bevel, should be under the wheel of a reliable cushion, such as the installation surface is waterproof insulation layer, should be in front, the back seat under the cushion 2.5~3 cm thick plank, to prevent the pressure of bad waterproof insulation layer.

2, adjustable suspension bracket adjustment support height should make the front beam lower side slightly above the parapet height

3, the front beam extension of the end of the rated adjustment range of 0.3~1.5 meters.

When exceeding the rated suspension, reliable strengthening measures and rated working load must be taken.

4. The front and rear seat spacing should be adjusted to the maximum distance as far as possible under the condition of site permitting.

5, the distance between the two brackets should be adjusted to the front beam overhang endpoint distance than the suspension platform length of small 3~5 cm.

6, tension to strengthen the steel wire rope, should make the front Lianglio 3~5 cm, to produce prestress, improve the Liang degree before.