Precautions for cross-operation of window cleaning platforms

- Jul 01, 2019-

The high-level operation of the window cleaning platform at different levels and at the same time is called cross-operation, and it is easy to cause falling objects in the upper and lower three-dimensional cross work. Therefore, between the upper and lower levels, the upper layer is often constructed, the lower layer is decorated, and the structural construction often has heavy objects hoisted, stacked or transported.


When the window cleaning platform is used for vertical and vertical cross-over construction, it is not allowed to operate in the same vertical direction at any time or occasion. The lateral distance of the upper and lower operation partitions should be greater than the possible fall radius of the upper level. When setting up safety isolation, its penetration prevention capability should not be less than the protection capability of the safety flat net.


There must be no other operators below. After the steel formwork components are removed, the temporary stacking site should not be less than 1m from the edge of the floor, and the stacking height should not exceed 1m. It is strictly forbidden to stack any removed objects at the edge of the floor, the passageway, the edge of the scaffolding, etc. Since the passage opening and the loading opening may fall due to the possibility of falling objects, or the position is within the radius of gyration of the crane, a protective shed at the top to prevent penetration shall be provided within the affected