Precautions for bridge gondola

- Nov 15, 2020-

1. The installation ground should be a horizontal surface. When there is an inclined surface, it should be leveled reliably under the corner wheels. If the installation surface is a waterproof and thermal insulation layer, 2.5~3 cm thick wooden boards should be added under the front and rear seats to prevent crushing. Waterproof insulation layer. 2. The height of the adjustable support of the adjustable suspension bracket should make the lower side of the front beam slightly higher than the height of the parapet. 3. The rated adjustment range of the overhang length of the front beam extension end is 0.3~1.5 meters. When exceeding the rated overhang elongation, reliable strengthening measures and rated working load must be taken. 4. The distance between the front and rear seats should be adjusted to the maximum distance as far as possible under the conditions allowed by the venue. 5. The distance between the two supports should be adjusted so that the distance between the end points of the front beam overhang is 3~5 cm shorter than the length of the suspension platform. 6. When tensioning the reinforced steel wire rope, the front beam should be slightly upturned by 3~5 cm to generate prestress and improve the stiffness of the front beam.