Optimized design of windproof device for window cleaning machine accessories

- Feb 28, 2019-

At present, window cleaning machines have been widely used for cleaning and maintenance of high-rise building curtain walls. When the window cleaning machine is working at high altitude, due to the wind load, the window cleaning machine crane often has a large shaking in the air. Therefore, when the working height of the window cleaning machine is high, the windshield device windproof device should be installed to reduce the shaking amplitude of the window cleaning machine under the wind load to ensure that it can still run smoothly.


In the past, the windshield device windshield device was mainly attached to the curtain wall glass by a separately equipped suction cup, and was fastened and fixed by a rope between the suction cup and the gondola to reduce the shaking of the window cleaning machine. However, the windproof device now replaces the rope used in the prior art for connecting the suction cup and the gondola with a tie rod having a certain length. When the distance between the window cleaning machine and the curtain wall is large, the windproof device can also be fixed by the windproof device.


At the same time, the sleeve and the threaded rod are used to connect the socket and the pin. The operator only needs to hold the pin with one hand to install and disassemble; the sleeve and the thread are used to connect the socket and the pin so that the windproof pin can withstand The external force is greatly increased, and the safety factor is increased; the windproof device is installed on the curtain wall keel, can withstand a large pulling force, does not directly act on the curtain wall glass, and does not cause damage to the curtain wall glass. Window cleaner accessories Windproof device has a simple structure and is easy to manufacture.www.chinagondola.com