Production materials and surface treatment of all window cleaner machine

- Jan 03, 2019-

Window cleaner machine will be made of high quality new raw materials; all pin, shaft and unstructured bolts shall be of 316 or higher; all ball or roller bearings shall be sealed; all low carbon steel parts shall be painted Hot dip galvanizing should be done before.


The window cleaner machine are sprayed in a three-layer system before assembly, and only a minor spray repair is required after assembly. Do not overspray auxiliary parts, including pins, shafts, fasteners, steering wheels, and electrical components; all stainless steel pins and fasteners should be naturally sanded.


After the processing/welding/galvanizing is completed, the joints of the slewing bearings of all the window cleaning machine parts are grounded by the machine and combined with the slewing bearing surface before assembly. All welding procedures should be completed prior to the hot dip galvanizing process; all welding procedures should be performed by a professionally qualified worker.