Operator's requirements for roof rail type window cleaners

- Dec 24, 2018-

When the roof rail type window cleaning machine is in use, it is necessary to quickly press the emergency stop button when there is an emergency situation. Such a button is generally suspended on the platform or installed on the main control panel during installation. The speed of the descent must be normal when it is used. If it exceeds the normal speed, the brake on the device will be forced to act and quickly force the descent platform to stop.


There are many factors that need to be paid attention to before using the roof rail type window cleaning machine. Firstly, it is necessary to estimate the time of using the product. If the time required for the window cleaning machine to work is relatively long, then the equipment needs to be needed before starting. Regular inspections must be carried out after inspection, and all operators must bring a safety helmet.


The staff on the operating platform of the roof rail type window cleaning machine needs to fasten the independent nylon rope at a suitable position on the roof. It must not be fixed on the boom of the equipment, and then the seat belt is connected and self-locking. The equipment can be operated, and the staff who need to operate also need to dress. The clothes to be worn must be clean and dry, the skin is no longer exposed, and the sole and gloves need to be glued.


The roof rail type window cleaning machine should pay attention to the use. If it is raining outside or blowing strong wind, it is impossible to work. When the staff enters the equipment, it must be heavy roof or the ground is prohibited from entering and exiting the window. In the future, the cable should be collected in time. The equipment needs to be fixed when it is not in use. The suspension platform needs to be fixed to the roof and then covered with a rain cover.www.chinagondola.com