Operator requirements when using a roof-mounted BMU

- Aug 29, 2018-

When using a roof-mounted BMU, press the stop button if you are in an emergency. The general condition of such a button will be suspended from the platform or mounted on the main control panel. When in use, the speed of the descent exceeds the normal speed during use, and the brake on the device is forced to act to stop the descent platform.


There are many factors to be aware of before using the roof-mounted window cleaner. We need to evaluate the time of use of the product. If the project takes a long time to work with the window cleaner, it is necessary to check the equipment regularly before the project. The operator should bring the helmet. .


The staff on the operating platform of the roof-mounted window cleaner needs a nylon rope, fasten it at the appropriate position on the roof, and then connect the seat belt to the self-locking device. The clothes worn by the operating staff should be clean and dry, the skin should not be exposed, and the soles and gloves should be glued.


Carefully review the reading instructions and master the operation of the equipment before proceeding. When employees enter the equipment, they enter the roof or the ground to enter the window; after the work is completed, the cable should be collected in time; when the equipment is not in use, it must be fixed; the suspension platform needs to be fixed to the roof and then covered with a rain cover. stand up.http://www.chinagondola.com/