Operation of Hanging Basket

- Jul 23, 2018-

1, the operator must be in good health, and after professional training examination qualified, in the relevant departments issued by the operation Card can be operated independently. The trainee must operate under the guidance of the master.

2, after the installation of the following inspection tests to confirm normal, before the delivery of the use.

1)Check the installation of roofing mechanism, should cooperate well, anchorage reliable, cantilever length and connection mode are correct;

2)steel wire rope without kink, squeeze, loose, wear, broken wire is not exceeding the limit, hanging, winding way and hanging weight are correct;

3)The safety protection device of falling and external rotating mechanism is complete and reliable;

4)The motor is no sound, overheating, start normal, braking reliable;

5)The lifting basket should be rated up to 125% static overload test and 110% of the dynamic overload test, the requirements of normal take-off and landing device sensitive and reliable.

3. The following inspection should be carried out before operation:

1) roof mechanism, hanging weight and wire rope meet the requirements;

2) The power supply voltage should be normal, grounding (0) good protection;

3) mechanical equipment is normal, safety protection device complete and reliable;

4) There is no sundries in the basket, it is strictly prohibited to overload.

4, after starting, carry out lifting basket operation Test, confirm normal, before the operation.

5, in the operation, found that the operation is not normal, should be immediately shut down, and take safety protection measures. No further use shall be made without professional examination and repair.

6, the use of hanging baskets for welding operations, the basket, wire rope must be comprehensive protection, not to use it as wiring circuit. 7. After operation, the hanging basket should be cleaned, suspended from the ground 3m, cut off the power, remove the ladder.