Notice to be aware of when operating the window cleaner

- Apr 04, 2019-

1 The window cleaning machine should have at least two operators in the gondola, and one operator should work safely on the roof and cooperate with each other.

2 The operator should pay close attention to the signals of each action limit switch.

3 The window cleaning machine operates with a gap, and the operator must not leave the operation post.

4 The load of the window washer basket shall not exceed the specified load capacity, and the load shall be distributed as evenly as possible within the  platform.

5 High stools, scaffolding and ladders are not allowed in the work platform

6 The window cleaning machine is only used for the cleaning and maintenance of the external wall, and should not be used for crop material transportation or other purposes.

7 When the basket is running up and down, the construction work must be