Mast and hoisting mechanism installation

- Nov 22, 2018-

The transportation, unloading, and storage of the parts are carried out under the corresponding lifting point on the ground floor of the first floor, so there should be enough open space on the site as the window cleaning machine accessories yard. The mast of the window cleaning machine is 500×500, and the main leg of the single-legged mast is made of ×75×75 angle steel and ㄥ50×50 diagonal angle steel (mm), each length is 1-4 meters, each section 16 lengths of 20mm high strength bolts are used to connect different lengths.


The hoisting mechanism of the window cleaning machine usually needs to be placed on the roof of the building. When the hoisting machine is positioned, the tying wire rope is connected with the building, and the wooden lining is placed under the hoisting machine to ensure the surface of the shovel and improve the stress state of the wire rope. The hoisting mechanism The wire rope is guided by the pulley block, and is vertically lowered from a set of fixed pulleys in the lower part of the original window cleaning machine, and the components of the window machine are vertically lifted until all the components are hung to the top of the layer.


When installing the window cleaning machine accessories, it is necessary to set up a single-legged mast, bundle it with a steel wire rope, and tighten it with a hoist to overcome the horizontal component force when lifting the equipment. When lifting the equipment, when the equipment is 10 cm away from the ground, the boom is subjected to the up and down luffing movement several times and then inspected. After the inspection is passed, the formal lifting can be carried out.