Maintenance of the Hanging basket

- Jul 23, 2018-

1, at the end of the day, do a good job hanging platform, wire rope and suspension of cleaning work, cleaning up all kinds of garbage, paint and surface adhesion mortar impurities.

2, hanging basket (especially the power system) should take waterproof, moisture-proof measures to prevent damp water caused by electrical short circuit.

3, the ground excess wire rope should be put on the plate. Suspension of the basket after the demolition, should be a variety of ropes, cable tray, decomposition components to be put together, connected pieces of concentrated, properly stored, to prevent mildew, corrosion, deformation and dissipation.

4, the safety of the self-locking rope after each use, should be in the spring and rust-proof, keep the movement flexible.

5, gearbox and transmission device for the first time to use three months after the change of lubricating oil, once a month to add lubricating oil, every six months to change the lubricant.

6, the Safe lock activity area adds once a month lubricating oil.

7, electrical short circuit, electrical components and wire contacts must be maintained dry, clean, no grease fouling.

8, in the safety, daily, regular inspection and operation process, found fault or abnormal, should immediately stop using, by full-time personnel to overhaul, prohibit hanging basket, "sick" use.