Maintenance of hanging baskets for bridges

- Nov 13, 2020-

1. At the end of the work day, do a good job of cleaning the suspension platform, wire rope and suspension mechanism, and clean up all kinds of garbage, paint and surface adhesion mortar impurities. 2. The bridge crane (especially the power system) should take waterproof and moisture-proof measures to prevent electrical short circuit caused by damp and water. 3. Excess wire ropes on the ground should be tied up. After the hanging basket is stopped and removed, the various ropes and cables should be reeled, the decomposed components should be arranged, the connectors should be concentrated, and the storage should be properly stored to prevent mildew, corrosion, deformation and loss. 4. After each use of the self-locking device of the safety rope, the spring should be rust-proof and slippery to keep the action flexible. 5. The lubricating oil must be changed after the gearbox and transmission device are used for the first three months, and the lubricating oil shall be added once a month after that, and the lubricating oil shall be changed every six months. 6. Lubricate the movable part of the safety lock once a month. 7. Electrical short circuit, electrical components and wire contacts must be kept dry and clean, and there must be no oily dirt. 8. In the safety, daily, and regular inspections and during the operation, if any malfunction or abnormality is found, the use should be stopped immediately, and the gondola should be inspected and repaired by full-time personnel. It is strictly forbidden to use the hanging basket "with disease".