Knowledge to be mastered during the operation of the roof fixed window cleaner

- Apr 01, 2019-

In the process of using the roof fixed window cleaner, it is mainly connected with the structure of the building and the system of the track. The pedestal maintained by the roof fixed window cleaning machine needs to effectively adjust all the pre-embedded steel plates to the same plane by adjusting the nuts on the embedded bolts after the construction is completed, and filling the gaps in the secondary grouting After the embedded steel plate is fixed, the track fixing plate is directly embedded by the track connecting plate.


When the roof fixed window cleaning machine is selected on the profile, it will generally use H-shaped steel or I-shaped steel. The track of the equipment will be directly welded on the embedded steel plate. After the installation of the track of the equipment, the roof and the base can be unified. Do waterproof treatment.


When the roof fixed window cleaning machine is finished, it should be parked to the designated parking position when it stops. If the column is raised, the column must be lowered. If there is a jib expansion, the one-arm window cleaning machine must take back the jib; For hydraulic sub-platforms, the hydraulic sub-station must be retracted; if the jib is tilted, the jib must be lowered.


The roof fixed window cleaner platform is fixed; the jib is fixed; the windproof cable is tied; the key is removed from the control panel and turned in; the power plug is unplugged from the power socket; the cable is collected in the collector; the rail clamp is reliable The ground is clamped on the