Key points of construction of roof track type window cleaner

- Oct 25, 2020-

The track-type window cleaner is connected to the building structural panel through the track system, the gauge is generally 0.8-4.0m, and the two tracks can be set on the same plane or not on the same plane. The track system consists of three parts: a base, a connecting piece and a track. Pour the frame of the window cleaner before the structure is capped. After the foundation construction is completed, adjust all the embedded steel plates to the same plane by adjusting the nuts on the embedded bolts. After filling the gaps with secondary grouting, fix the embedded steel plates, and finally connect them with rails. A piece (press plate) fixes the track on the embedded steel plate. The track of the window cleaner uses I-shaped steel or H-shaped steel. Generally, the track is directly welded to the embedded steel plate. After the track is installed, the base and the roof are uniformly waterproofed.