Introduction to Hanging Basket

- Jul 23, 2018-

The hanging basket is the construction machinery of the construction work, which is used for curtain wall installation and exterior wall cleaning.

The hanging basket is a kind of new high position equipment which can replace the traditional scaffold, can reduce the labor intensity, improve the work efficiency and can be reused. Construction of the use of the basket has gradually become a trend in high-rise multi-storey building of the external wall construction, curtain wall installation, insulation construction and maintenance of the external wall, such as the operation of high out of the work is widely recognized, and can be used for large tanks, bridges and dams and other works. The use of this product, can be exempted from scaffolding. The construction cost is reduced, the construction cost is 28% of the traditional scaffold, and the work efficiency is greatly improved. The operation of the hanging basket is flexible, easy to shift, convenient and practical, safe and reliable. The national production of hanging baskets of more than 400 manufacturers.