Introduction of permanent bridge inspection vehicles

- Apr 08, 2019-

Permanent bridge inspection vehicles are installed on bridges, mostly for extra large bridges, such as long-span cable-stayed bridges and suspension bridges. These bridge inspection vehicles usually consist of the following components:

(1)  the truss beam (inspection vehicle body): The truss beam spans the full width of the main beam and provides a platform for the inspection personnel to pass and work;

(2) truss beam suspension system (gantry): the suspension system connects and attaches the truss beam to the main beam;

(3) truss beam driving and braking system: providing the power of the truss beam to move longitudinally along the bridge;

(4) Track system: Profile steel or rail steel, fixed on the top or bottom of the main beam, carrying and guiding the truss beam.

(5) Electrical and control systems: provide the power source for the truss beam movement to ensure that the drive mechanism can take power within the full bridge range;

(6) Suspended ladder: Provides the inspectors from the bridge deck access passage to the inspection truss