Installation steps of Hanging basket

- Jul 23, 2018-

1, adjustable suspension bracket adjustment support height should make the front beam under the side slightly higher than the parapet wall (or other obstacles) height, if possible, should be located in the suspension mechanism, in front of the beam out of the side and the parapet of the wall between the block fixed.

2, the front beam extension of the end of the rated adjustment range of 0.3~1.5 meters.

3. The front and rear seat spacing should be adjusted to the maximum distance as far as possible under the condition of site permitting.

4, the distance between the two brackets should be adjusted to the front beam overhang endpoint distance than the suspension platform length of small 3~5 cm.

5, tension to strengthen the steel wire rope, should make the front Lianglio 3~5 cm, to produce prestress, improve the Liang degree before.

6. When the wire rope is clamped, the number of the rope clamp is not less than 3, the U-shaped opening and the end of the wire rope are opposite to the side, and the direction is consistent. The rope clamp should be clamped in order from the hoisting point, and between the last rope clamp and the previous one, the wire rope should be slightly arched.

When the rope clamp nut is tightened, the wire rope should be clamped to the 1/2~1/3 diameter.

7, the hanging wire rope, should be the free plate of steel wire rope on the floor, will be carefully extracted splicing along the front slowly downward, strictly prohibit the wire rope into a disk downward. When the wire rope is finished, the tangled rope should be carefully separated and the extra wire rope should be carefully set tightly, and the ground should not be scattered arbitrarily.