Installation requirements for window cleaner accessories

- Mar 30, 2019-

The window cleaning machine is a kind of mechanical equipment that works at high altitude. It is manufactured by advanced technology at home and abroad in the window cleaning machine accessories, which not only has a more reasonable structure, but also is simpler in operation and has various operations. Specifications are available. Window cleaning machine accessories also have corresponding requirements when installing.


Before installation, check the deformation of the window cleaning machine parts, open welding, and the stability of the suspension beam. Firstly, the load-bearing wire rope and the safety rope are hung on the roof beam, and then the load-bearing wire rope is passed through the guide rope hole of the hand hoist to the hook direction, and the forward handle is reciprocated, so that the window cleaning machine accessories can be lifted. The reciprocating handle can be lowered by reversing the handle, but the upper and lower handles cannot be pulled at the same time.


The safety rope of the window cleaning machine is arranged with the wire rope with a diameter of not less than 13mm, and is connected with the window frame body and the lifting beam; the safety rope pulls the lifting beam and the upper structure. The safety lock is fixed on the platform body and is placed on the safety wire rope. During normal lifting, the safety lock moves along the safety wire rope with the hanging basket body. In case the hanging basket falls off, the safety lock can automatically clean the window frame. The body is locked on the fuse