Installation of track system and safety device for BMU accessories

- Nov 21, 2018-

Rail systems and safety devices are two of the most important BMU accessories, so they are strictly required for their design and installation. First of all, the wall structure must have sufficient height, thickness and strength. Otherwise, the safety of the window cleaning machine will be affected due to the inability to meet the anchoring length of the embedded parts. The base should be placed in the structural wall or thicker as much as possible in combination with the building structure. The wall is used to reduce the impact of the window load on the roof structure.


As the window attachment of the window cleaner, the track joint must be smoothed, and the end of the track should be provided with a tip baffle with a thickness of not less than 10 mm. At the same time, it is necessary to set a sufficient height for the equipment to walk, and fully consider the space occupied by the building decoration to prevent the lower part from hitting the roof when the equipment is walking or colliding with the building when the suspended platform retracts the roof.


The equipment generally needs to be equipped with brakes, travel limit and safety locks, etc., and can be installed after inspection; the working platform must be equipped with upper and lower limit switches, and the work platform itself should be touched; each safety wire must be installed The safety lock is automatically reset; the safety lock should be operated when the platform sliding speed is greater than 25/min, and it must be used within the validity period when it is not more than 100mm. The overdue safety lock must be tested by a professional factory before it can be used.