Improved gondola accessories are more user-friendly than vintage gondola

- Nov 27, 2018-

With the development of the society, our gondola are becoming more and more humanized. By improving the hanging gondola accessories, it is better to facilitate the construction of the majority of users and friends, thus greatly improving the work efficiency. One of the most important improvements is the improvement of the platform.


For the time being, the toothed disc of the basket accessory uses a V-shaped groove, which is improved, so that it can use the wire rope well, thereby improving the disadvantages of the job-changing in the previous use. Through such improvements, the problem is solved and the waste is controlled. In addition, the gondola we used before has a crossbar during use, so that the leg will be blocked during construction. For the current gondola, it is a good way to avoid this problem.


After a period of use, many customers will reflect that the gondola accessories used in the building are easily damaged. In fact, the reason for the corrosion of the surface layer of the gondola accessories is that the user's storage method is not appropriate, and the other party must make the gondola long-term. The ground is in a damp environment, which will cause the paint on the outer layer of the gondola to be contaminated and rusted. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly maintain the equipment and maintain the targeted gondola accessories.