How to use the rope collecting device of the roof fixed window cleaner

- Feb 13, 2019-

The roof fixed window cleaning machine hangs the load-bearing wire rope and the safety rope on the roof beam, first assembles the basket body on the ground, and then penetrates and presses the heavy wire rope through the guide rope hole of the hand hoist in the direction of the hook. Pulling the forward handle back and forth can lift the roof fixed window cleaner, and the handle can be lowered by rewinding the handle, but the upper and lower handles cannot be pulled at the same time.



The connection between the safety rope and the roof-mounted fixed window frame body is because the ropes are all arranged with a diameter of not less than φ13 mm. The method is to use the wire rope to pull out the bottom of the frame and secure the safety rope. Each card has a lifting amount of no more than 1m. In case the wire rope or the steel wire chain rod is detached from the load-bearing wire rope, the safety rope can be used to lift the roof fixed window. The role of the