How to use the construction platform to be safe

- May 31, 2019-

As a common machine tool in engineering construction, the construction platform has the advantages of convenient dismantling, strong applicability, less occupied space and high construction efficiency, and has been widely used in construction. However, the safety of the platform is high, and the high-rise fall accident caused by the overturning of the platform and the breakage of the steel wire occurs, so the safety management of the construction platform should be paid special attention.


There is a certain limit on the length of the front beam of the standard construction platform and the length of the space between the front and rear brackets. The height of the bracket is also limited, and this limitation often cannot meet the requirements of the current complex construction and different shapes of construction. Standard construction platform are usually equipped with counterweights to prevent the platform from tipping over. Due to the conditions and site restrictions, some platform cannot be equipped with counterweights. At this time, the original structure is used, and the platform and structure are used for pulling.