How to troubleshoot the operation of the window cleaning machine

- Sep 17, 2019-

Elimination of window cleaning operation failure:

1) If a power failure occurs and the power supply cannot be recovered, that is, it cannot be connected until the maintenance service is executed. Emergency rescue should be taken at this time:

a) ensure that the communication between the trolley and the platform is normal;

b) Pull out the power of the floor trolley from the socket;

c) opening the chassis door of the hoisting mechanism;

d) Insert the Allen key in the spare spare part into the lifting brake hole of the lifting motor, pull the brake brake, and slowly put the working platform to the ground (note that the hand brake must be put one way, stop one way, keep the low speed, Make sure the staff is safely on the ground).

Note: When releasing the motor brake, it should be released slowly, because when the reel exceeds a certain speed, that is, when the platform descending speed exceeds 20m/min, the backup brake will automatically trigger, and the reel will be braked within 0.6m stroke. The working platform is stopped from descending motion, and as long as the floor operator lifts the backup brake release handle (the release brake release handle is on the side wall of the lift box), the backup brake is ready again.

2) When the backup brake is triggered, the anti-overspeed stroke switch installed on the brake acts, and the main circuit power is cut off.

3) All motors are equipped with the following forms of protection:

a) Overload thermal relay protection device

b) use the manual button

Note: The data in the PLC has been set and debugged. It is not necessary to reset any protection measures. It is forbidden for the user to change the settings in the PLC. If the unauthorized personnel make any changes to the machine, the manufacturer will not be responsible for any abnormality. If the machine malfunctions, please contact the manufacturer.

Special note: The window cleaner supervisor found that any problems during the window cleaning process must be recorded in the work log. In the event of a malfunction or emergency, the operator of the window cleaner must immediately notify. For example, an emergency call is made and information is fed back to the equipment management department if necessary.