How to test the safety accessories of the platform accessories

- Jul 31, 2019-

When testing the safety accessories of the platform accessories, first use the hand to gently lift the safety wire rope. At this time, it should be able to move slowly, and also need to pull the handle once, if the action can not be carried out once. I can't continue to pull the handle. 

When this step is reached, you should use a relatively fast speed to raise the safety wire rope. In this case, the safety lock should be able to be locked. Just move the handle once. If it can be carried out smoothly, it should be repeated several times. There is no phenomenon of failure. 

When using the platform accessories, the safety lock must be tested within the limits of the factory-qualified certificate. Once the safety lock has any problems or malfunctions, it must be sent to the manufacturer for repair. Users who disassemble and repair themselves cannot remove them.