How to manage the safety of hanging basket in high place

- Jul 23, 2018-

First, personnel wear attention:

All staff of the operation hanging Basket must wear the relevant safety belts for protection, and the seat belts can not be connected with the platform of the hanging basket, so as to prevent the accident and cause the joint failure;

Second, the next work process considerations:

Work in the high operating basket on the staff, should be strictly in accordance with the operation of the procedures to carry out the operation process, absolutely not to appear any overload phenomenon;

Third, the construction of the outer wall component again: If the high operating hanging basket is required to carry out mobile construction along the surface of the external wall, it must be guided by a special guidance member, so the exterior wall's surface should be set up in advance, and the outer wall component must be effective to ensure the safety of the operator in the hanging basket.

The entire operation process must not be in the presence of the operator leaned over or is vacant and so on;

Iv. Public Security:

In order to ensure the safety of the public in life, must be in the height of the operation of the hanging basket around the setting of relevant protective measures, such as guardrail;

Five, the last high operating basket manufacturers related training:

And the production of high operating basket manufacturers and enterprises, should be used in the height of the operation of the basket unit personnel Safety and operation, as well as maintenance and other related training. In fact, the safety of working hanging baskets is one of our most concerned problems, in fact, this kind of problem has been put forward very early, and focus on the research and discussion, but the real solution is very few, so we in the future work, we should focus on such issues to consider and solve.