How to improve the stability of the Platform for bridge ?

- Nov 14, 2018-

We all know that the Platform for bridge s improve safety and stability compared to conventional bridge aerial work equipment, but the basic use of the Platform for bridge s is in the external environment. The complex environment of the construction site is different from the complete plane, and the appearance of the building is different. We need to master the balance during the use process, which is one of the ways to ensure the safety of the staff.


To improve the balance of the Platform for bridge , firstly, the first and second reluctance motor controllers can respectively compare the current detection and position detection signals fed back by the left and right switched reluctance motors with the given signals, and the two reluctance motor control The device synthesizes accurate control information and re-sends it to the left and right switched reluctance motor to eliminate the difference between the two motors, thus achieving synchronization between the two motors.


Secondly, there should be no temporary construction under the high-voltage line. It is not allowed to stack materials and carry out construction work. When working on the high-voltage line side, the horizontal distance of 6m or more must be maintained. When the above distance is not reached, isolation protection measures must be taken to ensure the bridge crane. The safety of the basket operator's work.


When we are using the Platform for bridge , each power equipment at the construction site should have its own dedicated switch box. The knife switch (switch) and leakage protector in the box can only control one device and cannot be controlled at the same time. Two or more devices, otherwise it is prone to accidents.