How to ensure safe construction of foreign high altitude external wall cleaning

- Jul 23, 2018-

In Britain, Germany, France, Australia and other countries, "Spider-Man" is the official name of "rope operation technician."

The governments of these countries complied with the strict procedures and safety measures of the British Industrial Rope Association (IRATA). Each "Spider man" before entering the profession, must undergo the rigorous IRATA industry standard training, obtains the approval, also must accept several months observation, can go on the battle.

"Spider-Man" in the work, must adhere to the Irata "thick as the Bible" program manual, according to different working conditions, occasions, observe specific security procedures. "Spider-Man" is divided into 3 levels. From level 1 to Level 2, at least 500 hours of field climbing experience, and up to 3 must have at least 1000 hours of work experience. "Spider-Man" can not work alone, at least two people are present at the same time, one of which must be level 3, can perform safety supervision, check the rope and equipment leader.

Before each project, the team leader will ensure that the "spider Man" complies with all safety procedures and identifies the safety of the rope system. According to Irata, any Spider-Man who is found not to comply with any of the security measures will be dismissed immediately.