How to calculate the lifting height of the building platform

- Aug 01, 2019-

If it is a general building, you only need to measure the height of one of the floors, and then multiply the floor to which you need to rise. You can know the lifting height of the total demand. When the lifting height cannot be accurately determined, try to select the maximum height that exceeds the demand, and avoid the problem that the lifting height is insufficient and cannot be used due to inaccurate measurement.

After selecting the corresponding building  platform, it is also required to carry out running test and inspection. First check, no load, rated load, overload, smooth lifting, starting, braking is normal. Limiter. Safety locks, etc. should be able to be used normally, safely and reliably to meet the requirements. There is also a noise level on the construction basket.

During the operation of the construction  platform, you should pay close attention to whether the cable is hung by the wall. If it is caught, it should not be hard pulled. The basket should be lifted up and down to make the cable relax before it can run. When the  platform descends 50 cm from the ground, it should stop to check whether the cable and the wire rope are pressed by the platform. After the inspection, the ground can be lowered.