Horizontal track type window cleaning machine should pay attention to the design

- Nov 17, 2019-

In terms of the design of the track type window cleaning machine, we should pay attention to its temperature change, because the temperature change itself is directly caused by the thermal expansion and contraction of the track, so that the track connection point In many aspects, such as the roofing device, it also has a relatively large impact.


For this design, we must pay attention to the length of each track segment is less than 9m, it is also less than 3mm in terms of its expansion joint clearance. It is also not suitable to set expansion joints for the arc-turning section. It is also necessary to make the position of the two rail expansion joints, but also to be staggered more than 2000mm. Therefore, for areas with large temperature differences, it is also necessary to use small sections of profiles to orbit them.


For the design of the track base, it should also conform to the building modulus, and it is also relatively convenient for its civil construction. In addition, we also need to leave concrete to cast and vibrate the space. When its wall is relatively high, we should also refer to the size of the window cleaner to drink its performance and other aspects. of.


We should note that for the design of the track anchor and the attachment, it is also subject to the rated load of more than 2 backs in terms of its strength. In addition, the anchoring of the embedded parts should also be met. Architectural design requirements, for the track and connection accessories, as well as anchors and many other aspects, we must do anti-rust, anti-corrosion and other aspects of treatment.