Gondola lift structure

- Nov 11, 2020-

(1) Suspension platform: The suspension platform is the working place of the construction personnel. It is composed of high and low railings, basket bottom and hoist mounting frame connected by bolts. (2) Hoist: The hoist is the power component of the suspended platform and adopts an electric climbing structure. (3) Safety lock. The safety lock is the safety protection device of the suspended platform. When the working wire rope suddenly breaks or the suspension platform is inclined to a certain angle, it can automatically and quickly lock the safety wire rope to ensure that the suspended platform does not fall or continue tilt. (4) Suspended structure. The suspension mechanism is a device that is erected on the upper part of the building to suspend the suspended platform through a wire rope. (5) Electrical control box. The electrical control box is used to control the movement of the suspended platform. The main components are installed on an insulating board. The universal steering switch, power indicator light, start button and emergency stop button are installed on the door panel of the box.