Features of the track type window cleaning machine

- Nov 03, 2019-

The entire mechanism of the track type window cleaning machine is mounted on a chassis that can travel on a horizontal track, and the movement of the walking chassis completes the horizontal operation of the entire window cleaning machine. This type of window cleaning machine is generally installed on a roof with a small slope, usually 30 degrees or less, and is relatively independent from the building and has a high safety factor. Due to the flexibility and variety of mechanisms such as lifting, turning, and hoisting of the window cleaning machine, the track type window cleaning machine can meet the requirements of most buildings, as long as the building roof is reserved for sufficient space and allowable load, the arm The length can be from a few meters to 50 meters, because the weight increases with the increase and length of the arm, and the weight of the whole machine varies from several tons to hundreds of tons. Therefore, the concentrated load of the window cleaning machine must be considered in the design of the building structure. The influence of the roof structure, the increase of the load-bearing beam and other structures, and the necessary conditions for the full-foot installation of the window cleaning machine.