Features of roof fixed window cleaner

- Sep 14, 2019-

The window cleaning machine is characterized by non-standard electromechanical equipment. The height, appearance, facade structure, and roof space of the building are not the same, so it is not easy to find two identical window cleaners. For the unique architectural form and function of different buildings, the following points should be considered on the basis of the three principles of safety, economy and practicability when selecting the window cleaning machine:

(1) The track type is preferred, and the degree of automation is high;

(2) Whether the roof space passage, the fa├žade structure, etc. are suitable for the selected window cleaning machine type;

(3) The selected window cleaning machine can not meet the structural bearing requirements;

(4) The selected window cleaning machine should not affect the appearance of the building as much as possible;

(5) Whether the cost of the window cleaning machine can withstand;

(6) The number of units that can be selected is small, and the operation of the entire building is completed.