Factors affecting the window cleaning machine accessories

- Aug 10, 2019-

The use of window cleaning machine accessories often causes various failures in some cases where the environment is relatively harsh, so the harmful factors of the window cleaning machine accessories are reduced during use.

Reduce the influence of impurities in the window cleaning machine accessories: mechanical impurities generally refer to non-metallic substances such as dust and soil, and some metal chips and wear products produced by the construction machinery during use. Reducing the effect of temperature: During work, the temperature of the basket accessories has their own normal range. During the use of the basket accessories, the load operation cannot be performed at low temperature, and the normal operation in the low-speed pre-warming stage enables the machine to reach the specified temperature. Then drive or work.

Corrosion reduction: Corrosion is caused by the electrochemical action of the metal surface of the window cleaning machine and the surrounding medium. Once these impurities enter the machine and reach between the mating surfaces of the window cleaning machine accessories, the hazard is great, not only causes the relative movement to block, accelerates the wear of the window cleaning machine accessories, but also wipes the mating surface and destroys the lubrication. The oil film causes the temperature of the parts to rise and the lubricating oil to deteriorate.